#882 alarmAck command to alarm in Niagara

Ricardo Rey Thu 21 Jan

Hello all,

We are doing some communications tests with JACE 8000 in Project-Haystack.

We managed to perform:

  • "read", "Read entity records in database"
  • "watchSub", "Watch subscription"
  • "watchPoll", "Watch poll cov or refresh"
  • "pointWrite", "Read / write writable point priority array"
  • "hisRead", "Read time series from historian"

Example: Write a setpoint:

But we don't know how to perform the alarm acknowledgment:

  • "alarmAck", "Alarm Ack"

How we can make acknowledgment to the following alarm?

  • @S.T1_HVAC_1.AHU_002.Filter_Alarm

Best regards,

Richard McElhinney Mon 25 Jan

Hi Ricardo,

Alarm acknowledgement isn't a stand Op in the Haystack REST API definition at the moment. There is a custom Op in nhaystack that can do it but it depends what system you are using.

What are you using to communicate with Niagara using nhaystack?

Cheers, Richard

Ricardo Rey Mon 25 Jan

Hello Ricahard,

Thanks for your support.

Now I am using Google Chrome to test, for example, to write a setpoint I write this text in Google Chrome:

And I can write a setpont to the JACE 8000.

I Woul like to know if I can do the same to perform the alarm acknowledgment.

If I request the Haystack ops to JACE 8000:

It seems that alarm acknowledgments are supported:

ver:"3.0" name,summary "about","Summary information for server" "ops","Operations supported by this server" "formats","Grid data formats supported by this server" "read","Read entity records in database" "nav","Navigate record tree" "watchSub","Watch subscription" "watchUnsub","Watch unsubscription" "watchPoll","Watch poll cov or refresh" "pointWrite","Read/write writable point priority array" "hisRead","Read time series from historian" "hisWrite","Write time series data to historian" "invokeAction","Invoke action on target entity" "extendedRead","Extended Read" "extended","Extended Functions" "alarmAck","Alarm Ack"

Best regards,

Richard McElhinney Wed 27 Jan

Hi Ricardo,

nhaystack does have an alarmAck Op, but it is a custom Op that is designed to work in a specific way and is mostly designed to work with FinStack.

I have started working on something more generic that will allow you to read out the open alarms for a Niagara control point and then subsequently you will be able to Ack specific alarms.

I've just started this but you will be able to follow along with the code on the Github repo.

Cheers, Richard

P.S. in the process of doing this all existing functionality will remain the same!

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