#879 ph links not accessible in defs.ttl

xiaoshan Fang Wed 6 Jan

Dear all,

I downloaded defs.ttl at this link:https://project-haystack.dev/download/defs.ttl.

We found the following links is not accessible.

@prefix ph: <https://project-haystack.org/def/ph/3.9.7#> . @prefix phIct: <https://project-haystack.org/def/phIct/3.9.7#> . @prefix phScience: <https://project-haystack.org/def/phScience/3.9.7#> . @prefix phIoT: <https://project-haystack.org/def/phIoT/3.9.7#> .

There are two questions:

  1. Is there an updated ttl which contains all valid links?
  2. Can we get all the info (e.g. all entity attributes and relations from phIct.) from current ttl?

Thank you very much!


Brian Frank Thu 7 Jan

The URIs (IRIS) in the RDF are primarily just globally unique identifiers. They don't necessarily resolve to anything. Although we'll probably make them resolvable in the future.

Everything currently defined by the Haystack 4 ontology is in that ttl file (including the phIct classes such as phIct:networking-device)

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