#864 Haystack 4 submeterOf

Jay Herron Wed 28 Oct 2020

Hey everyone,

I didn't see submeterOf on the Changes3to4 page, but it's definition, seems to imply that it should be changed to elecRef, waterRef, etc. in the same way as elecMeterLoad and waterMeterLoad were. Does anyone have any clarification on whether submeterOf is included in Haystack 4?


Brian Frank Wed 28 Oct 2020

Nothing has been changed on that topic at the moment. If you look at meter you will see that it defines a meter scope choice which is siteMeter or submeter. And also that you can have a submeterOf tag.

In Haystack 3 it was siteMeter or submeterOf, but since Haystack 4 choices have to be markers, we added a submeter marker tag for consistency.

However it is a flow relationship, so we could potentially use elecRef instead of submeterOf (or naturalGasRef,e tc). Along with the submeter meter tag that might work.

Jay Herron Thu 29 Oct 2020

Gotcha, thanks for the clarification Brian. I really like the submeter marker tag that was added. I think changing submeterOf to <quantity>Ref makes the most sense. That said, I'm in no hurry and I know that there were a bunch of recent changes already, so if we want to keep submeterOf for stability's sake now, I understand.

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