#860 New Haystack Client in Go

Jay Herron Tue 13 Oct 2020

Hey everyone,

I'd like to introduce a new Go haystack client implemententation that I've been working on. If possible, I'd like to get it included in the Source Code section of the Downloads page.

I don't in any way mean this as a snub to owulveryck, who owns the Go implementation that is currently listed on the Downloads page. I was using this project mainly as an excuse to learn Go (forgive any stupidity in the source code), and I saw that his repo didn't have a Haystack Zinc or client implementation. Through working on this, I've grown to appreciate much of the work that he has put into his repo.

Feedback, suggestions, contributions, questions, and even complaints are welcome! Thanks!

Brian Frank Wed 14 Oct 2020

Thanks Jay!

I updated the downloads page with a link to that repo

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