#842 nHaystack 3.0.1 tagging with CSV

James Donahue Fri 17 Jul 2020


I am wondering if the feature of batch adding tags with a csv file called customTagsDict.csv is working in nHaystack 3.0.1, and what I am missing to get it working?

I have the nHaystackService initialized in my N4.8 station. I have added site and equip tags from the nHaystack palette as well as added the haystack slot to each point under my equip. Cache has been rebuilt. The csv file is located in the directory C:/Users/<USERNAME>/Niagara4.8/Webs/shared/nHaystack/customTagsDict.csv and I have formatted the csv as the docs suggest (name,markers). Also the haystack tag dictionary has been added to my stations TagDictionary Service.

I was expecting that when I pressed the "Reload Custom Tag List" button within the NHaystack Service view, that the points within my Niagara station would be tagged with the Haystack tags within my csv file, but instead nothing is happening.

Do I have this all wrong? Is this not the intended use of the customTagsDict.csv file?


Jonny M Sat 18 Jul 2020

I don’t have a solution I’m afraid but just wanted to second your request, James.

A general Haystack observation:

There are working groups dissecting specific, technical details — often fine-tuning semantic arguments — but I’m yet to encounter one that discusses how to expand Haystack’s implementation.

My colleague posted recently regarding the same issue. We’ve had a number of conversations with clients about Haystack but to the average system integrator it’s sufficiently inaccessible and too time consuming.

If it were possible to export/import CSVs containing device data with blank tag fields, so that the process of tagging could be carried out much more efficiently in Excel, then immediately the entire project could benefit any integrator familiar with Excel. Which is to say almost everyone.

If Haystack is an attempt to normalise meta data for the benefit on the entire industry, then it has to be easy to adopt. As it stands, a CSV export/import tool that allows for tagging in Excel is only available via paid-for, third-party modules.

What could constitute greater progress for the initiative than its wide scale use? I’m happy to offer some of my time to contribute toward a tool that demands nothing more of the end user, than knowledge of N4 and a familiarity with Excel.

If a tool can be developed my company could produce a straightforward, instructional infographic. If the instructions are clear and the tool is simple enough to use, then Haystack would no longer be a good idea, it would become a necessity.

Richard McElhinney Sun 19 Jul 2020

Hi James,

Thanks for reporting. I will have a look into this functionality and come back to you.

Cheers, Richard

James Donahue Mon 20 Jul 2020

Richard, thank you. Feel free to contact me directly if you need to see into my station. jamesdonahue@navitas-llc.com

Christian Tremblay Thu 3 Sep 2020

The tag will be added when you drag and drop the point in the nhaystack service.

You can select all the points under a controller and drag and drop. The service will look up the name of the point and tag accordingly.

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