#840 Project Haystack Summary Document

Marcus Pearson Thu 16 Jul

Hi, I'm looking for a high level, 1 to 2 page overview of project haystack aimed at non-technical clients and building owners. Does such a document exist or are there any other resources aimed at summarizing project haystack to clients that could be shared with me? Regards, Marcus

John Petze Thu 16 Jul

Hello, it may be a bit longer than your 1-2 page requirement but these are very effective resources to help people understand what Haystack is all about:

The Haystack Primer: https://marketing.project-haystack.org/submitted-articles/introduction-to-project-haystack-full

A brief Haystack presentation we deliver in educational sessions at industry events: https://project-haystack.org/file/34/An-Introduction-to-Project-Haystack.pptx

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