#830 Haystack experts

Rodolfo del Valle Tue 23 Jun

Hey guys,

First of all. Thanks for the awesome job you have all done here. I've been a big fan and follower of Haystack and this is my first post here.

I'm actively using Haystack 4 and also expending it for some use cases are not considered yet in the project. I would like to bounce some ideas and to validate the work that I'm doing with somebody who considers themselves fluent in Haystack.

Is anybody available and willing to have some interesting talks? Sometimes I feel these conversations can get very tangential to philosophy :D

This is a commercial project, so you could expect some reward, NDAs, and also the option of collaborating in the long term.

Cheers and thanks for reading!

Steve Eynon Tue 23 Jun

Hi Rodolfo,

That's an intriguing post and I understand the need to converse with others over semantics and use-cases, but it may help your cause to specify the areas of expertise you're interested in.

There are many experts in the various working groups who know their specific industry topics intimately, and there will be others whose industry knowledge is more general but know lots on the technical modelling side.

Also, some may not be comfortable publicly replying to this post either, so a means to contact you privately may help elicit responses.

Good luck!

Rodolfo del Valle Tue 23 Jun

Thanks, Steve for the recommendation!

I'm pretty sure anybody who is an expert on Haystack can help. No specific knowledge of another industry is needed as per now we are focusing on extending HVAC related points.

If anybody wants to get in contact with me, you can shoot me an email to rodolfo at enviosystems . com

Regards, Rodolfo

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