#828 What constitutes Haystack Compliance?

Shilpa Basappa Tue 16 Jun 2020

Hi Brian, Are there any tests and external checks that will be needed to say that a product is haystack compliant?

How do you qualify that a product is haystack complaint and compatible with other haystack products?

Brian Frank Tue 16 Jun 2020

There is no formal certification for "haystack compliance" today. There has been discussions about creating a formal program for certification though, but its still to be developed.

Today what most people are doing is testing against other products and open source libraries. For example you can run the Java Haystack library as a stand alone server in Tomcat with test data. We really need to have some sort of plug-fest.

We can probably setup a test server of SkySpark on AWS for you to hit if you need something to test with?

Christian Tremblay Tue 16 Jun 2020

We would benefit from a Skyspark server for pyhaystack automated test suite.

Cory Mosiman Wed 17 Jun 2020

I think an important distinction to make is which portion of Haystack are you looking to comply with, as there are multiple aspects. My initial thoughts:

  1. In compliance with Haystack literals / data types / serialization
  2. In compliance with Haystack API specification and ops
  3. In compliance with Haystack tag vocabulary
  4. In compliance with Haystack data model

Other thoughts? Things to consider?

Brian Frank Thu 18 Jun 2020

Christian: if you want to email support at my domain, we will give you credentials to test a server in the cloud.

Cory: good point. There is model compliance which is more about validating you used the tags correctly which is a different beast than HTTP API compliance

Dan Preston Wed 23 Sep 2020

I think this is important. As BTL changed the game for BACNet, we need a Haystack certification to separate the contenders from pretenders.

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