#827 Virtualized Points on a Niagara Supervisor

Paul Quinn Tue 16 Jun 2020

I have a client that is running a Niagara AX 3.7 Supervisor. They are importing histories from the underlying jaces. They are "virtualizing" the points on the jaces under the "Virtual" folder and are not creating proxy points under the "Points" folder.

When I install the nhaystack module and initialize, the stats show only 118 points cached. There should be 5,000+ points/histories.

Can anyone confirm if the nhaystack module will only recognize proxy points? Is there any special configuration to recognize virtualized points?

Richard McElhinney Wed 17 Jun 2020

Hi Paul,

Great question!

From memory, the thing to understand about virtual points in Niagara is that for them to be present in the station they need to be subscribed. That is the technical way of saying that something else, as in a PX page or another component, has to be actually trying to read the point.

Otherwise after a period of time the virtual points will disappear. They are transient, this is the nature of virtual points.

I am quite confident that nhaystack wouldn't handle virtual points properly and I don't think we've ever done any testing with them either.

If someone else has successfully tried this then I would love to hear from them as it's not a use case we look at in our testing of nhaystack.

Cheers, Richard

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