#826 Are There any Other Financial Companies that Use Haystack?

Ian Rose Fri 12 Jun 2020


My name is Ian Rose, and I work with Morgan Stanley in NYC. My group is looking for examples of Haystack naming conventions similar to Utah's example on Project Haystack's example page. In particular, we are looking for any other financial companies that use Haystack so that the equipment we are looking for using Haystack are similar to our equipment (ex. PDU's, AHU's, etc.).

Thanks so much in advance, and stay safe!

All the best, Ian

John Petze Sat 13 Jun 2020

Hi Ian,

I will ask the community to respond with specific examples of their use. As an open source organization we do not collect that information directly. Good examples of the adoption of Haystack can be found in the recent issues of the Connections magazine, though. Here are recent links:



Based on the information we are provided by the community Haystack is 25,000-30,000 sites use Haystack tagging

The marketing site has more qualitative information showing impact and adoption: https://marketing.project-haystack.org/

John Petze Executive Director Project-Haystack.org, a 501C Corp

johnp@haystackconnect.org http://project-haystack.org/

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