#821 Hines/Morgan Stanley Seeking a Site example Using Haystack

Ian Rose Mon 1 Jun 2020


My name is Ian Rose, and I work with Hines Interests, supporting Morgan Stanley's buildings, specifically in North and South America. My group is seeking to implement Project Haystack's naming conventions to our assets at our various sites, and we are looking to utilize spreadsheets that layout the assets at given sites so that we have a template to base our work on.

I understand that in one of Haystack's documents, they include a template for a Utah site, which was extremely helpful. However, my group is seeking another example so that we have variety in our research.

Please let me know if anyone is willing to share, and if so, please respond back to this post. Thank you so much, and please remain safe.

Ryan Holy Tue 2 Jun 2020

Hi Ian, Happy to share what we can, we know data wrangling is painfully tedious and a bottleneck on projects. You can reach me at ryan.holy at onboarddata.io. Thanks!

Tavis Kerr Wed 3 Jun 2020

Hey Ian,

We would love to get a better idea of what you final goal is for your sites and share what we have together for tags and templates. Tavis@KodeLabs.com

Jay Herron Wed 3 Jun 2020

Hey Ian,

Yeah, unfortunately there aren't a ton of public resources on actual haystack implementations. As you mentioned, the state of Utah document is a good reference. Here's a website that has some additional examples and interesting visualizations. The SkySpark product also includes some examples of fully tagged sites in their demo projects which can be seen in one of their demo webcasts. There are also some people in the community that are working to make more examples public.

As you can see, there are a number of companies that offer tagging services/products, and BuildingFit (who I work for), is one of them. We'd be happy to chat if that's something you're interested in.

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