#806 tags for joint equipments

Ashkan Jalili Thu 23 Apr

Hi, we have 2 supply fan in AHU. so we can tag the points like this:

equipment Name: Fan-1: point tags: cmd,run,fan - state,run,fan

equipment Name: Fan-2: point tags: cmd,run,fan - state,run,fan

now there are points for drive speed of fans which is a shared point for them. how we should assign this point. to what equipment?

Brian Frank Thu 23 Apr

Its its a shared motor, then that sounds like to me it should be a third equipment with its own point.

Cory raised a similar question about Haystack 4 - should we model fans independently from their motor?

Christian Tremblay Thu 23 Apr

One VFD can be connected to one or more motors. I think this is the situation defined. 1 VFD controlling 2 different fans in parallel.

Paul Quinn Fri 24 Apr

If you only have the fan run cmd on each fan I would just model it at three points on the air handler.

SaFan1_FanCmd SaFan2_FanCmd SaFanSpd

I wouldn't go to the complexity of modeling a piece of fan equipment just for the run cmd. I would guess you want to see the fan run cmd points on the air handler anyway and not have to drill down to the fan equip to see it.

Another alternative I've used before when there is a single BMS point I want on multiple SkySpark points is is duplicate the point in SkySpark but have it point to the same BMS point.

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