#801 Auto tagging

Heem Othman Tue 7 Apr

I use Niagara 4.7 and I've looked online to see if it's been done but I couldn't find an answer. From what I've seen, in order to add tags automatically, you can add your own csv file to import into haystack and it will look for names based on what you inputted for the csv file. That portion is automatic because when you add the haystack slot to the point, it will show all the tags in the output. However to get the tags actually added, I need to click the arrow next to the haystack slot, click okay, and then hit save in order to add the tags. Short of just creating my own program to add the tags automatically, is there a way to do this process using nhaystack so when I create a point it adds the tags right away to it? Has anyone worked on something like this or is it already a function that I just haven't found yet?


Christian Tremblay Wed 8 Apr

I usually use the Nav and select all points and drag them on the Haystack Slot Tool in the nhaystack service. This way, tags are added to every points in one action.

Heem Othman Wed 8 Apr

I understand that portion, and maybe this might just be something with my computer/station, but when I drag the points into the haystack slot tool, it creates the haystack slot on the points and I can see the tags that I defined in the csv in the output of the haystack slot tool, but they're not added as tags yet. I have to go in to every point's property sheet and click the arrow next to the haystack slot, click ok, and then hit save for the tags to be added. Having to go through every point isn't really automated so I was wondering if haystack had a way to add the tags automatically or is the method above the "automatic" process?

Christian Tremblay Wed 8 Apr

I think you are referring to the new feature that merge nhaystack tags with Niagara Tags right ?

Does a station restart does it ? Just curious... it may be overkill but lot less than executing the save everywhere...

There may be a better solution

Heem Othman Wed 8 Apr

I'm pretty new to haystack so I'm not 100% sure if merging nhaystack tags with Niagara tags is what I think it is. If it's where you can click to edit the csv on the nhaystack service view and add your own auto tagging based on the component's name, then yeah that's what I'm talking about. The haystack slot on a point will find the appropriate tags from that csv when I drag the point to add the haystack slot so I know that that portion is at least working, but then like I said I have to click in and click ok and then save for it to work.

I've tried getting to the point where the tags are in the haystack slot but not tagged yet and restarting the station but that didn't work, they're still in the haystack slot and not as tags.

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