#800 End of File error

Heem Othman Wed 1 Apr


I've followed along with a youtube tutorial and installed the nHaystack module and the new haystack module into a controller. I threw in the nHaystack service, activated the servlet, dragged in a site, then on the service I hit rebuild cache and then load. At this point in the youtube video, the site appeared but for me, the second I hit load it gives me the following error:

Does anyone know why it's giving me this issue and how to solve it? Thanks.


at nhaystack.server.BNHaystackService.doFetchSepNav(BNHaystackService.java:873) at auto.nhaystack_server_BNHaystackService.invoke(AutoGenerated) at com.tridium.sys.schema.ComponentSlotMap.invoke(ComponentSlotMap.java:1890) at com.tridium.sys.schema.ComponentSlotMap.invoke(ComponentSlotMap.java:1855) at javax.baja.sys.BComponent.invoke(BComponent.java:1221) at com.tridium.fox.sys.broker.BBrokerChannel.invoke(BBrokerChannel.java:1877) at com.tridium.fox.sys.broker.BBrokerChannel.process(BBrokerChannel.java:245) at com.tridium.fox.sys.BFoxConnection.process(BFoxConnection.java:452) at com.tridium.fox.session.SessionDispatcher.dispatch(SessionDispatcher.java:84) at com.tridium.fox.session.SessionDispatcher.run(SessionDispatcher.java:63) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) Caused by: org.projecthaystack.ParseException: Unexpected token: eof [line 1] at org.projecthaystack.io.HZincReader.err(HZincReader.java:391) at org.projecthaystack.io.HZincReader.err(HZincReader.java:390) at org.projecthaystack.io.HZincReader.parseVal(HZincReader.java:172) at org.projecthaystack.io.HZincReader.readVal(HZincReader.java:78) at org.projecthaystack.io.HZincReader.readVal(HZincReader.java:67) at org.projecthaystack.HCoord.make(HCoord.java:27) at nhaystack.server.TagManager.generateComponentTags(TagManager.java:313) at nhaystack.server.TagManager.createComponentTags(TagManager.java:442) at nhaystack.server.Nav.fetchSepNav(Nav.java:112) at nhaystack.server.BNHaystackService.doFetchSepNav(BNHaystackService.java:869) ... 10 more

Richard McElhinney Thu 2 Apr

Hi Heem,

Can you please advise the Niagara version you are using and also the nhaystack version you are?

Cheers, Richard

Heem Othman Thu 2 Apr

Yeah, the Niagara version is The nHaystack version I'm using is 3.0.1.


Eric Anderson (Tridium) Fri 3 Apr

I attempted to reproduce the defect with the following steps:

  1. Add NHaystackService to Services
  2. Set NHaystackService/Servlet/Enabled to true
  3. Add HSite component
  4. On the NHaystackServiceView, click Rebuild Cache and then click Load

For me, the site component appeared without any errors. Is this being performed on a new or existing station?

The NHaystackService/Initialized property is set to false at this point. Some operations may not work properly if the service is not initialized, which can be achieved by invoking the Initialize Haystack action. Initialization is automatically performed when the station is started but not when the service is first added.

Heem Othman Mon 6 Apr

It's on a new station so there are no devices, not that that should matter I wouldn't think. I also tried it with a device just to make sure and it failed both times.

@Eric, I dragged in a new NHaystackService and double checked the initialization and the servlet to make sure they were both true and they were. I still ran into the error doing exactly the steps you did.

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