#795 haystack-java repo moved to GitHub

Matthew Giannini Mon 16 Mar 2020

The haystack-java repo has move to GitHub. The new repo url is https://github.com/skyfoundry/haystack-java.

Note - I have started publishing the haystack-java.jar to BinTray/JCenter. If you have java projects that depend on this library, you can now configure your build scripts to get the artifact from JCenter.

For example, in Gradle you can do this:

repositories {


dependencies {
    implementation 'org.projecthaystack:haystack-java:3.0.4'

John MacEnri Wed 18 Mar 2020

Hi Matthew. That's great to have it in a public maven repo now.

For anyone else using the Java client and building using Maven, here's what we've added to our pom.xml


which gives us access to the 3.0.4 version directly now, meaning we no longer have to build it locally.


John MacEnri Wed 18 Mar 2020

Hi, for completeness I should have added the pom dependency fragment


But the exclusion of servlet-api is up to you. We need to exclude it in our environment, which is a Spring Boot Java application.

Paul Meshkovsky Tue 28 Mar 2023

It would be good to add the same to Readme

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