#793 NHaystack siteRef not saving

Paul Quinn Sat 29 Feb

When I add an NHaystack equip tag to a folder and then edit the siteRef tag to select the site, everything appears to be working fine until I select the last Save and the siteRef is not saving. The floorName and navNameFormat save, just not the siteRef. The Site record is in the dropdown list.

Haystack Tag before the save

{floorName:"" siteRef:@C.Drivers.NiagaraNetwork.TNRB.TNRB navNameFormat:"%parent.displayName%"}

After the save

{floorName:"" navNameFormat:"%parent.displayName%"}

The siteRef disappears during the save.

I'm on an N4.7 supervisor running the NHaystack 2.1.2 version.

This has been working fine up until recently. I have 20 Site tags created. The Rebuild Cache runs fine with no errors.

The result is that the Rebuild Cache does not index those folders under the Site.

Any suggestions on what might be wrong or any troubleshooting steps?

Followup: A reboot of the supervisor solved this problem.

Richard McElhinney Tue 3 Mar

Hi Paul,

Thanks for reporting. Has anything else changed in the station? Can you provide a copy of the station for me to work with?

It's concerning that a reboot of the server fixed it.

Can you just confirm something for my understanding? You created 20 folders with a site tag? Or did you create 20 folders with the equip tag and then use the siteRef tag to point to a single site?

Paul Quinn Wed 4 Mar

I have 20 folders with the site tag (20 buildings) I have 60+ folders with the equip tag (60 + jaces)

When I edit the equip tag to assign a siteRef, the drop down list is populated with all 20 sites and I can select the site. When I select Ok the siteRef is showing in the Haystack tag. However, when I select the last Save the siteRef disappears from the Haystack tag and isn't saved.

The Supervisor is a HUGE station with over 60 buildings and 250 jaces, 500,000+ control points and 100,000+ plus histories. Do you still want a copy if it is that large?

We are running for now. I'm Ok to wait and see if the problem returns.

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