#791 multiple similar points

Ashkan Jalili Thu 27 Feb


I couldn't find about this. If we have multiple similar points in equipment, like we have 3 pumps in the entering part of a boiler, how we should distinguish them in tagging. Because they all will have the same tag for equipment and as the point, they will all have like: cmd, drive-speed, entering, pump, hot.. but how can we make them look with different tags?


Brian Frank Thu 27 Feb

If you have similar points, then you always use some additional tag to distinguish between them. For example typically with piping you will use a tag indicating what pipe its associated with: entering, leaving, etc. In your case if you have three pipes all associated with the entering pipe, then there must be some distinguishing characteristic, even if its just a pump number.

Ashkan Jalili Wed 25 Mar

yes. assuming we have like the pump number. how we can specify that in the point tag? any ideas?

Brian Frank Thu 26 Mar

There is no official tag for that case right now, but most people are using pumpNum from what I've seen

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