#778 Proposal for electric meters: power vs. demand

Stephen Frank Mon 13 Jan

So back when we (that's an inclusive "we") worked on the elec meter tagging standard, we decided not to include a special tag for demand, vs. power. However, since then, I've realized that most power quality meters include both:

  • Power: "instantaneous" reading of active power (actually, an average over a few cycles)
  • Demand: average reading of active power over the utility billing demand interval (typically 15 minutes)

I've now realized that it would be best to have both power and demand tags defined, where demand is specifically defined as active power averaged over the billing demand interval. This is what we're doing now with our own meters.

I would post this in the electric meter working group, but I think when we had that working group it pre-dated the WG section of the forum and I can't find it. (Well, I'm sure I could but it would take me a while digging through forum history.)

Keith Bishoρ Tue 14 Jan

Completely agree with adding demand.

The only change I would recommend is removing "utility" and "billing" from the definition. With submeters, these reading may have no association with with those 2 concepts but simply serve as a rolling average of power over a period of time.

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