#772 PROPOSAL: New Hosting Solution

Brian Frank Mon 16 Dec 2019

Project Haystack's open source files are currently managed on BitBucket in a Mercurial repository.  BitBucket has declared they are removing support  for Mercurial in Jun 2020.

So sometime in the next six months we need to migrate to a new hosting solution.  Options include:

  • A) Move to git on GitHub
  • B) Self host the Mercurial repository
  • C) Move to a new Mercurial hosting company
  • D) Move to another git solution such as GitLab

Please provide you thoughts

Justin Scott Mon 16 Dec 2019

I would personally love to see resources moved to GitHub. I find the UI side of exploring Repos as well as tooling to be great. Addition of other features like teams could be useful for Working Groups as well.

Christopher Howard Mon 16 Dec 2019

I second GitHub

Christian Tremblay Mon 16 Dec 2019

Github is, in my opinion, the best choice. It's used by a lot of users. It's part of Microsoft and they invest a lot in that platform.

The "issues" tracking included would also help (migrating issues/bug requests) from the forum to the correct channel on Github.

Workgroups could have their projects under the "Organization" Project-Haystack and deal with PR and merge requests for their work.

Alper Üzmezler Mon 16 Dec 2019

I am in the same situation, I think I am headed to self hosted gitlabs approach.

We just dont know what M**t will do tomorrow with it.

Gitlab only makes money from the software hopefully innovation will be as precise.

Christian Tremblay Mon 16 Dec 2019

Being a user of Gitlab for all internal (not shared) stuff I think it would not be the best choice for a public project needing visibility. It is a really good product, I use it everyday... but.

Given the momentum Github have amongst OpenSource developers actually and the visibility it have, it would be an error to stick to the old war against Microsoft.

Alper Üzmezler Mon 16 Dec 2019

Grouping all haystack projects under one area might not be a bad idea.

Chris Breederveld Tue 17 Dec 2019

I agree, we have hosted the C# client library on github as well: https://github.com/Strukton-Worksphere/haystack-csharp

Stuart Longland Tue 17 Dec 2019

Probably worth noting, Bitbucket do git too. I can't see any evidence of a migration path, which utterly sucks, but little surprises me with Atlassian these days.

I've used both Mercurial and git, been a git user for a lot longer however (probably close to 10 years now) and so that tends to colour my judgement with regards to preferences.

My comment when I saw that particular email from Atlassian was: "… Don't let the door hit you on the way out." as I'd had many a stoush with Mercurial trying to wrangle patches for nHaystack. Internally we have a git clone of the nHaystack repositories for our own private fork and just maintain the public Mercurial version for pull requests only.

Otherwise, Github would definitely be worth considering, I find projects get much better visibility there than they would on alternatives like Gitlab or Bitbucket.

As for self-hosting, I've been quite happy with Gitea for personal projects.

Josiah Johnston Wed 18 Dec 2019

Gitlab would be great, Github would be fine, and I wouldn't recommend Bitbucket.

Gitlab has been leading innovation in this space for years and provides the best quality tooling, hosting services & user experience that I know of.

Github is the adequate incumbent with 100x as many projects, but tends to be several steps behind in innovation & core features.

Bitbucket is far behind on features and appears to be in decline; its primary advantage is integration with other Atlassian tools & paid plans.

..my 2 cents..

Victor Smolinski Mon 30 Dec 2019

Would love to see it on Github, in my opinion it affords the project the most exposure and accessibility.

kyle gross Tue 31 Dec 2019

Another vote for GitHub here!

Michael Rochelle Fri 3 Jan

Another vote for GitHub!

Brian Frank Mon 2 Mar

Thanks everybody for your feedback.

The plan will be to migrate to GitHub sometime in the next month or two. Once we know the cut-over date we will announce to the forum.

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