#771 VRF support status & v4 release timeline

Josiah Johnston Fri 13 Dec 2019

As far as I can tell, Project Haystack still lacks support for Variable Refrigerant Flow/Volume (VRF/VRV) devices, even though a proposal was submitted over 4 years ago, and people are still asking about support as of last May. I do not see any reference to VRF in the v4 online documentation. Is there a clear plan or timeline for supporting this, or should users simply create their own ad-hoc tags & structure until a solution emerges?

On a related note, is there a proposed timeline for the v4 release? I could not find a timeline posted online, and that would be very helpful for planning purposes.

Thanks, Josiah

Brian Frank Mon 16 Dec 2019

VRFs are not currently formalized.

Note that forum conversations are useful to discuss concepts, but rarely do they form a concrete proposal with all the definitions and documentation. The process to actually get new defs into the ontology is to create a work group as discussed in 494. The WG champion needs to lead at least a few independent domain experts, then do the work to get the tags formally defined and write the associated explanations and coordinate to get it committed into the open source repository.

On a related note, is there a proposed timeline for the v4 release?

There is no concrete timeline. At this point, I'd say we are waiting for multiple implementations to prove out the design before locking it all down. So its in a stage of ready to use, but potentially fluid based on implementation feedback. Depending on how next few months go, we'll look to switch over to make it the primary web site sometime in spring maybe.

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