#768 DateTime tag kind not available

Ramamurthi Iyer Tue 10 Dec 2019

Hi Team,

I am looking to add DateTime Tag kind to my station on Nigara 4.8 workbench. I could not find it in the list of Haystack tags. Please let me know how this can be added

Tag Kinds A kind is one of the permitted value types of a tag. The following are the atomic scalar tag kinds:

Marker: the tag is merely a marker annotation and has no meaningful value. Marker tags are used to indicate a "type" or "is-a" relationship. Bool: boolean "true" or "false". NA: singleton value which represents not available for missing data Number: integer or floating point number annotated with an optional unit of measurement. Str: a string of Unicode characters. Uri: a Unversial Resource Identifier. Ref: reference to another entity. Haystack doesn't prescribe a specific identity or reference mechanism, but they should be some way to cross link entities. Also see Containment. We format refs with a leading "@" and require a specific subset of ASCII characters be used: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, underbar, colon, dash, dot, or tilde. Bin: a binary blob with a MIME type formatted as Bin(text/plain) Date: an ISO 8601 date as year, month, day: 2011-06-07. Time: an ISO 8601 time as hour, minute, seconds: 09:51:27.354. DateTime: an ISO 8601 timestamp followed by timezone name: 2011-06-07T09:51:27-04:00 New_York 2012-09-29T14:56:18.277Z UTC Coord: geographic coordinate in latitude/longitude formatted as C(lat,lng) XStr: extended typed string which specifies a type name a string encoding

Thank you!

Richard McElhinney Thu 12 Dec 2019

Hi Ramamurthi,

What version of nhaystack are you using please?

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