#762 Externalize the NHaystackService Rest API so that it can be consumed by our platform

Ramamurthi Iyer Tue 26 Nov 2019


We have a Niagara developer workbench Version and we installed the NHaystack driver and enabled the NHaystack service. I am able to invoke the Rest API locally on the machine but I need to externalize this service so that it can be consumed by our application/platform. Please let us know how this can be externalized for consumption.

Thank you, Ram

Christian Tremblay Tue 26 Nov 2019

Like adding firewall rule to allow inbound traffic ?

Christopher Howard Wed 27 Nov 2019

Are you asking if the NHaystack service can connect to a service outside of its own

network and PUSH data out to a server? If so, then I don't believe the service

provides that mechanic. Like what @Christian Tremblay mentioned, you will need to

add a firewall rule on the Niagara developer workbench computer that will allow

inbound traffic on the https or http port. That will allow you to access the service

from another application/platform running on a device under the same network. If you

want to access it remotely from another location, you will also need to add the same

firewall rules in your gateway device and direct them to your Niagara developer

workbench computer. That second part should be done with care as you are exposing

those ports to the world.

Ramamurthi Iyer Thu 5 Dec 2019


Thank you for your response. We were able to do that precisely. We have the Niagara developer workbench on a private subnet in a VPC and are exposing the NHaystack service only on port 443. We have a gateway/ELB which has been configured in the same VPC to process incoming request from our VPN on port 443 and this gateway device will only accept API request from whitelisted IP's on our VPN. This way we have 2 levels of security.

I see you have mentioned Nhaystack service cannot post to a external service that our application might have exposeed(Rest endpoint). Is there any plan on providing this functionality in the upcoming release? It will be a great value add especially with the use cases that we are working on.

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