#761 Including Timestamp point name in AHU equipment types

gupteswar patro Tue 26 Nov 2019

I want to generate near real-time json payload for AHU equipment type using haystack module for descriptive and predictive analytics. However, I donot find timestamp point name in point listings. Please let me know how to include timestamp as a point name while generating json payload or csv files.

Thanks, Gupt

Brian Frank Tue 26 Nov 2019

There are two types of point data in Haystack: live values via curVal and historized data.

Live data is the current value of a sensor, setpoint, or command right now (as fast as system can acquire it - typically within 100ms to 10sec old). You subscribe this value and all other changes via watches.

Historized data is data trended by the server on an interval or change-of-value basis. You read this data via the hisRead op

gupteswar patro Wed 27 Nov 2019

Thanks a lot Brian for the response. This helps

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