#760 nHaystack error when clicking "Load" button in service view

L Bello Mon 25 Nov 2019

I'm getting the following error when I try to load the site-equip-point tree in the nHaystack service view.

"Could not invoke the command "Load". axCommunity"

I can connect to other 4.6 jaces and load their site-equip-point trees just fine so I'm not sure what is going on with this particular jace. Any suggestions? Thanks!



nHaystack 2.1.0 (should be, I don't know how to verify this)

L Bello Mon 25 Nov 2019

Resolved. I needed to download axCommunity modules to my workbench.

Christian Tremblay Tue 26 Nov 2019

How is this linked to axCommunity ? Weird...

Christopher Howard Wed 27 Nov 2019

Could it be that you have added a haystack tag to an axCommunity module component on your station?

Eric Anderson (Tridium) Wed 27 Nov 2019

The nhaystack module does not depend on the axCommunity module. You can see module versions by clicking View Details in Platform - Platform Administration or using the moduleManager spy at spy:/sysManagers/moduleManager.

Christopher Howard Wed 27 Nov 2019

@Eric Anderson agreed. I am wondering if the Workbench he is using to connect to the station that has the nHaystack service didn't have the axCommunity module. When he performed a "Load", he had some Haystack tags under axCommunity components and the "Load" failed because his Workbench could not resolve these components locally.

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