#754 Excel Auto Tag Controllers by Input/Output

Chirag Patel Tue 12 Nov 2019

Good Morning,

I believe tagging equipment on the software side is as important as tagging during design phase. I am building an excel sheet that will help match naming conventions to equipment type through excel's drop down list feature.

Ex. Column 1 - Select Controller Type Column 2 - Mac Address Column 3 - Select Input or Output Column 4 - Select Range for Input/Output Column 5 - Select Application Column 6 - Point Name

Action Column 5 - Select AHU Column 6 - Drop down list you choose from a list Ex: Outside Air Temp Sensor, Return Air Temp Sensor.

If anyone is interested in building this out, please let me know.

Valentin Desvaux de Marigny Tue 24 Mar

Hi Chirag,

Did you succeed in building your excel sheet with the dropdownlist feature? I am interested in this kind of tool.


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