#749 Zone CO2, Humidity, etc. choice of reference equipment.

Maher N Fri 18 Oct 2019

Hello, fellow Haystackers.

For the cases of points that represent the measurement of the different environmental variables in a certain zone (e.g., CO2, humidity, VOC, noise, etc.), what do you suggest as reference equipment to be tagged with them?

In the case of temperature, it was clear in some examples that we could link it to an AHU. I also saw that there is a zone equipment called thermostat.

Can we use a thermostat equipment to also enclose the aforementioned measurements as well?

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you for your time.

Respectfully, Maher.

Brian Frank Fri 18 Oct 2019

We have all the tags defined, but have not added them as point children anywhere. I feel like while we could use thermostat as catch-all for all space related sensors, we should probably instead define a first class "air quality equip". Suggests for terminology and how to organize?

Jay Herron Mon 21 Oct 2019

While it might not be approved Haystack, we've been using an "space" equip modeled on the hvac-zone-space Haystack 4.0 entity. I know that this entity is not an equip subclass, but the concept has been useful regardless.

It has allowed us flexibility to nest zone points underneath larger equipment (like single-zone AHUs or VAVs), or split them out onto their own equipment (like when we have a multi-zone AHU, multiple chilled beams per space, or space monitoring without control).

That said, I think we could also get most of these benefits out of a formalized thermostat equip. The only situation that it doesn't fit especially well is the "space monitoring without control" one. A general "air quality equip" would satisfy that, and be much more widely applicable for small deployed IOT sensors in any location. We'd just maybe have to consider how that might overlap with outside air weather stations. Finally, at an even more general level, perhaps we could add a "sensor" subtype to the device tree instead.

Maher N Tue 22 Oct 2019

Thank you Gents for your input.

I will take this into consideration.

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