#741 Proposal: standardized pattern to indicate incomplete data

Brian Frank Tue 1 Oct 2019

This is a proposal to standardize indication of an incomplete data set.  This was discussed a bit in 573.  Common cases we have for incomplete data include:

  • a limit was reached (for example we cap hisRead to 10K by default)
  • a timeout was reached (for example processing took longer than 1min)

Typically in user facing applications you want to visually indicate the data set is not complete.  

A parallel to this is error grids.  In that case we use grid meta for all the error data.  But in the case of incomplete data, I don't think we want to take over all the grid meta since there is application data too.  

So I propose to standardize using a incomplete tag in grid meta where the value is nested dict with the following tags: 

  • dis: Str message to display to the user about why data is incomplete 
  • limit: Number if incomplete because of threshold limit 
  • timeout: Number duration if complete because of timeout

Example in Zinc:

ver:"3.0" incomplete:{dis:"Limit hit!" limit:1000}
colA, colB, colC


Michael Whalen Thu 3 Oct 2019


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