#739 Auto importing all Niagara Point tags from Jace to Supervisor

Dominick Portelli Fri 27 Sep

Is there a way to automatically import all niagara point tags from a Jace to the supervisor?

For example... In the niagara network of the supervisor you discover and add all the niagara points that you want in the database. But under the niagara points in the supervisor none of the tags that are under the points in the Jace get discovered or imported with the points.

I have the "Persist Fetched Tags" setting in the supervisor set to true and I know you can add a slot to the niagara network called "tagsToFetch". But you have to manually type in the tags you want to import from the Jace in that slot. I would like to know if there is a way to just have the Supervisor fetch all the Niagara point tags. This would be huge time saver.

Eric Anderson (Tridium) Mon 30 Sep

Unfortunately, there is not an easy way for the supervisor to fetch all the Niagara point tags. I hope we can add support for this feature soon.

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