#735 N4.4 - Bad HTTP response 403 Authentication failed

Ricky Villa Valle Mon 16 Sep

Hi, we have a project on Skyspark v2.1.15 with N4.4.73.24 using nHaystack v2.0.1. And it throws the below cur error every 10-20 mins or so for few seconds, then it'll be fine until it happens again. Below that is the message that is found in the application director. Looks like it is not recognizing/maintaining the session cookie, so its creating a new session every time? Not sure if this N4 authentication issue has been resolved in the latest versions if that is the case? Or would there be a chance that nHaystack v3.0.1 could resolve this?


sys::IOErr: Bad HTTP response 403 Authentication failed.
  haystack::Client.doCall (Client.fan:273)
  haystack::Client.call (Client.fan:245)
  haystackExt::HaystackConn.call (HaystackConn.fan:106)
  haystackExt::HaystackConn.call (HaystackConn.fan)
  haystackExt::HaystackConn.onPoll (HaystackConn.fan:361)
  connExt::Conn.doPoll (Conn.fan:883)
  connExt::ConnActor.receive (ConnActor.fan:115)
  concurrent::Actor._dispatch (Actor.java:230)
  concurrent::Actor._work (Actor.java:201)
  concurrent::ThreadPool$Worker.run (ThreadPool.java:262)

Application Director message: WARNING [16:35:51 12-Sep-19 PDT][nhaystack.watch] Watch b9b0e60e-6ab8-4242-a2db-4750b868d69e timed out.

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