#728 ETA on Haystack 4.0 Java Toolkit

Madhushan Tennakoon Fri 6 Sep

Hi folks,

I have been digging into Haystack 4.0 and it's a great fit with some of our upcoming data modeling projects. What is the ETA on a Haystack 4.0 compliant Java toolkit? Anything we can try out? It looks like the tools at https://project-haystack.dev/download are pointing to the older resources.

Looking forward to your reply.

Cheers, Madhu

Brian Frank Fri 6 Sep

Just to be clear the Java Toolkit will work with both Haystack 3.0 and 4.0. Everything in the Java code to handle modeling Haystack data, encoding/decoding, and REST API all works exactly the same.

But are you asking about more specific Haystack 4.0 concepts? What specifically are you looking to add to the API?

Madhushan Tennakoon Fri 6 Sep

Hi Brian,

Thanks for getting back. My question was regarding newer concepts that use the def operator such as reflection and subtype inference. For example, if I wanted to discover which entities in a building receive hot water (as mentioned in https://project-haystack.dev/doc/docHaystack/Relationships), would I need to modify the toolkit to be able to parse these queries?


Brian Frank Sat 7 Sep

I'm not sure how far we will take the reflection modeling and query enhancements in Java yet and what the strategy will be for that. So can't give you a time framework

Madhushan Tennakoon Wed 11 Sep

Thanks for the feedback Brian. Looking forward to future updates on Haystack 4.

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