#727 Haystack Issue or NHaystack?

Ricky Villa Valle Tue 20 Aug

Hi, a customer is having an issue where if they use Tridiums native Haystack service and NHaystack service simultaneously, the NHaystack can no longer discover the points that were associated to their equips. I have noticed that when the Haystack "equipRef" Relation is added to the points, the equipRef on the NHaystack slot doesn't load anymore. Which makes it not appear in the Discover view of the NHaystack when loading. So not sure on whose side this would fall on, Tridium or Project Haystack?

Here is a short video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M4fl-yKLgRai4jh11sD7jPC2rk2dLp8w/view?usp=sharing

Eric Anderson (Tridium) Wed 21 Aug

Thanks for including the video! What version of Niagara and what version of the NHaystack module is the customer using? Thanks.

Ricky Villa Valle Fri 13 Sep

I think it was N4.4 and maybe nHaystack v2.1.0? I think it can happen with the latest. Thank you.

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