#723 Versioning of Haystack Tags

Jiri Vass Wed 24 Jul

Dear All,

this file (https://project-haystack.org/download/tags.csv) contains the official 230 Haystack tags. Is it possible to determine the time (or version of Haystack/SkySpark) when a particular tag has been introduced? No need for very detailed information, perhaps some grouping of tags into batches (as they have been introduced over time) would do.

We have a mixture of historical SkySpark projects with varying sets of tags - depending on the time when a particular project was created. The time/version of each tag would help us to consolidate these projects.

Regards, Jiri

Brian Frank Wed 24 Jul

That is documented in the ChangeLog.

Probably once 4.0 is released we'll do something more formal too - maybe something like a JavaDoc @since tag.

Jiri Vass Wed 24 Jul

Excellent - thank you very much. Jiri

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