#722 Haystack Java Library

Hareesh Reddy G.M Wed 24 Jul

Hi Brian,

I have a requirement of using Haystack as java library in Spring boot application.

So I explored Hasytack documentation but I did not found anything related to that.

Instead I found a link Project-Haystack Java Toolkit (https://bitbucket.org/brianfrank/haystack-java/src/default/) and it is a gradle application.

So, should I enhance the same application as per my requirement or is there any haystack java library which we can integrate in some other application.

Hope I made my point clear.

Thanks in Advance.

Brian Frank Wed 24 Jul

That toolkit is just a generic, general purpose set of Java APIs that let you model Haystack data, encode/decode it using the various formats, and use HTTP protocol as client/server. It has no external dependencies so its easy to build and embed into whatever kind of application you have.

Hareesh Reddy G.M Thu 25 Jul

That's great!

Thank you for your time.

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