#707 nhaystack 3.0.1 beta released and looking for feedback

Richard McElhinney Tue 28 May

Hi All,

As discussed at Haystack Connect recently a lot of work has been done by Tridium to simplify the tagging process in Niagara. The code has been up on my BitBucket account for some time but I have received feedback that more people would be prepared to test if the modules were already built.


I'm pleased to advise that you can now download the latest in built form here.

In the zip archive there is a readme.md, I encourage everyone to read this first and please bear in mind that the documentation is still a work in progress.

All contributions welcome!!!

Also, I would advise that for anyone testing this new version that it should not be run on a production system straight away. My advice is to take a copy of a Niagara station and run it locally on your laptop with the new modules and run some of your own tests before deploying it to production.

Lastly, could I ask that any feedback, questions or bugs please be submitted as an issue on the BitBucket account. I am likely to be able to respond more quickly and keep track of different topics using BitBucket.

You can submit issues here.

Thanks and happy testing!

Cheers, Richard

Paul Quinn Tue 4 Jun

Richard, I'm interested in beta testing. What version on Niagara is required?

Eric Anderson (Tridium) Fri 7 Jun

The nhaystack 3.0.1 beta depends on the latest haystack-rt updates. The latest and recommended versions, (r44u3) and (r47u1), contain these haystack-rt updates. Patches of haystack-rt exist for (r44u2), (r46), and (r47) and are included with the nhaystack 3.0.1 download.

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