#704 Sky spark Haystack connection

peter lawes Fri 17 May

Can anyone advise? got skyspark haystack connections running for Building Analytics at present connecting to haystack driver in modem router ok on http 80 But cant connect to Jace 8000 haystack service because 80 is used to connect to modem. any other way of connecting? tried to port forward to 3001 but no luck Haystack is 2.1.2 Host is

Pete Lawes

Stuart Longland Sat 18 May

Just to be clear, okay your router will have an internal IP address and an external oneā€¦

I'd be very surprised if it is exposing its admin interface on the external interface. If it does, then I'd be fixing that pronto!

Did you try accessing the JACE on port 80 from an external address or from inside your network?

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