Working Group

#701 Data Center Tags

Jason Ganiatsas Mon 13 May 2019

In order to grow Project Haystacks versatility, a logical and practical next step is to create new tags pertaining to data centers. This work group will examine a group of tags proposed for data centers in hopes of getting them added to Project Haystack.

There have been a few attempts to start this initiative. Hopefully this one can lead to some great ideas.

This Work Group will kick off at Haystack Connect 2019.

Jason Ganiatsas Mon 17 Jun 2019

This group has kicked off! If you are interested please let us know.

Ryan Mattison Thu 4 Jul 2019

Hi Jason,

Aren't data center tags available using device, network etc? I have been adding them there. Assigning them by geocoding the address information for the site or using timezone information.

Are you making a cloud version of haystack?



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