#690 Niagara Network User - 500 Internal Server Error

Bogdan Cristei Wed 3 Apr

One of our clients set up a "network user" in Niagara for us (version 3.8.111) and we are now getting the following error when trying to log into the haystack connector via skyspark: (to my knowledge, all other user settings remained the same as before, when connector was working fine)


auth::AuthErr: Basic auth failed: 500 Internal Server Error
  auth::AuthClientContext.err (AuthClientContext.fan:109)
  auth::BasicScheme.onClientNonStd (BasicScheme.fan:59)
  auth::AuthClientContext.open (AuthClientContext.fan:86)
  skyarcd::Client.open (Client.fan:44)

Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

Thank you so much, ~Bogdan

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