#685 Site Tags

Syed Suhail Wed 27 Mar

Are there any standard site level tags to identify and differentiate the energy streams use to provide comfort heating and cooling? Consider a project/campus with more than 100 buildings, some use steam, some use hot water and some buildings uses electricity to heat. Similarly for cooling some building uses district chilled water versus some uses on-site chillers. It would be nice to have heating and cooling method tags at the site level as used for AHUs.

Syed Suhail Wed 27 Mar

Also it would be helpful to standardize site level tags for the building type of use. For instance office, financial,hospital, hotel, academic,laboratory, data center, retail, k-12, residence, manufacturing etc.

Mark Hauenstein Wed 27 Mar

I agree. You may have steam as your primary source (district or local) that is then used directly (autoclaves) or converted (process or heating). Further, heating as preheat or reheat would have different attributes.

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