#683 Read operation - filter query parser

mr lee Mon 25 Mar

Hi, I am new to haystack. We have a small scale existing building automation system. We wanted to add project haystack support for it - make it a haystack server. I was thinking of providing a haystack wrapper around existing system. 1. Is there a reference implementation for haystack server which uses a SQL or NoSQL database 2. Is there a query parser for processing the filter given in read operation already available - I saw the grammar here - https://project-haystack.org/doc/Zinc Any guidance will be helpful. thank you http://revistas.unipamplona.edu.com

Brian Frank Mon 25 Mar

There are several open source implementations. See Downloads.

I can speak for the Java implementation since we support it:

  • it does have a full implementation for parsing Zinc and the filter language
  • it does not have a direct wrappers for a database, but does have a simple pluggable API to wire the operations to your data (see HServer.java)

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