#682 State of Utah Tagging Reference

Cory Mosiman Fri 22 Mar

Hey community,

In the State of Utah Tagging Reference, what do the numbers in the Point Type column mean, always next to Num Point Types?

Thanks in advance.

Paul Quinn Sat 23 Mar

That is the suggested precision for the point.

I have extended this document two times for other clients and have a more comprehensive version if you are interested.

Coen Hoogervorst Mon 25 Mar

Hey Paul,

We are also transferring from an own developped tagging system to haystack tagging and are interested in all available examples. At this moment we are using the State of Utah tagging reference as a starting point, so an extended version of this document could help us a lot. If possible, could you share tis version also with me?

Thank you!

Cory Mosiman Mon 25 Mar

Hey Paul,

If you are willing to provide that, would also be much appreciated. What is the best way for me to share contact information with you?

Paul Quinn Tue 26 Mar

Coen (and anyone else interested), send me your contact information. paul.quinn200@gmail.com

Because this document has evolved since the original State of Utah version, John Petze and I have been discussing a different way to title this document so it is not attributed to any one client and can continue to evolve with the latest and greatest standards. I'm thinking about just giving it a year-month version number and I'll have John post the latest version whenever I've incorporated some changes.

I'm strongly soliciting your feedback for more content for standard terms, abbreviations for equipment and point names and more sample point names by equipment type. I have several clients here in Utah who are seeing good success getting contractors to adhere to these naming conventions and tagging standards. Some are including the document as part of the specification. One reason for better adoption is because the document is laid out so clearly, is becoming fairly comprehensive and it is easy to find the right name or make one up from the standard abbreviations. It makes getting equipment and points into SkySpark much easier! Also, the names in SkySpark are more intuitive for the user.

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