#681 Haystack client and server architecture design problem

donald jimbeam Tue 19 Mar

Hi folks,

I am trying to set up a Haystack client and server (python package) but I am stuck due to my inexperience in this field.

Currently I have a JACE-8000 controller and I have a rack server running Niagara 4 Supervisor. The logging of data is working fine.

Do I need to get another server (we have a couple of unused servers lying around) to install Haystack client while the Haystack server is installed in the N4 Supervisor server?

I am not too sure about this Haystack client-server package. How do they work and what is the best architecture to implement? We are a small tuition school. The data collected is AHU, VAV, lighting, and elevator, not really complicated.

Gratefully yours, Don

Christian Tremblay Mon 25 Mar

It really depends on what you want to do. Visit us on github and post your issues / question or have a chat on Gitter



Also, note that pyhaystack is actually a client only. Can’t (yet) act as a haystack server. It can be used as an interface between haystack and any other data analysis server or as a standalone client for simple numerical analysis using python.

donald jimbeam Tue 9 Apr

Thanks Chris! I am reading your sites now.

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