#677 Standardization of End Use Electricity

mr lee Mon 4 Mar

Hello Haystack community, Any electrical engineers in here? What do people think of proposing a set of tags to be applied with electric meters. In speaking with an electrical engineering colleague, she pointed me to NEC 220, see walk through here. Aligning tags with NEC defined demand factors may provide a standardized way to separate out end use electricity based on well understood concepts from an EE perspective. Thoughts? As I have never designed an electrical system, I would be looking for somebody with good experience to work on this. Will gladly be part of the group.


John Petze Tue 5 Mar

First I want to make sure you have seen the work the community has done on this subject. here is a link to the discussion and results. Others that contributed to that that effort should be able to help.


Please note there is always opportunity to go further with tagging models if you have suggestions. We have a working group system to help organize those efforts. Details here:


Stephen Frank Tue 5 Mar

We do have a fairly well-developed tag set for points on electrical meters now, and basic equip-level tags as well. Feel free to contact me at Stephen.Frank@nrel.gov if you would like more information on where things are currently. Or, take a look at the meter docs here:


Cory Mosiman Wed 6 Mar

I would be interested as well (actually had this same post a few months back on post 653

Jeremy Yon Wed 6 Mar

Hi all - I'm working on firming up the lighting information and I expect some good alignment there with the needs for electrical, so also feel free to include me in any discussions going forward.

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