#676 Working Group Meetings at Haystack Connect 2019 - Plan now to have your group meet

John Petze Fri 1 Mar 2019

Part of the schedule at Haystack Connect 2019 provides an opportunity for Working Groups to meet, update the community on their progress, involve new members and work in-person on open topics. We encourage all Working Group leaders to submit a request to get a time slot for their group to meet. Now is the time to act!

All you need to do is submit a brief description of what you will cover in your session. Submit your summary via the Call for Speakers link on the Haystack Connect 2019 website which you can find here

If you are still very early in your efforts that's fine - provide an overview and try to recruit new members to help. If you are farther along provide a technical update and use the time to discuss open topics. Don't miss this opportunity to get your WG together in person!

The Cyber WG has already reserved their spot :)

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