#671 Returning lots of data in the Read Op

Geoff Lambourne Tue 12 Feb

The Read by filter operation can potentially return a lot of data.

  1. Does the limit parameter have a default value? Or is it implementation specific?
  2. Is there a way to indicate there is more data if the limit parameter is used?
  3. Is there a way to support pagination through the results?

Brian Frank Tue 12 Feb

  1. It is currently implementation specific what the limit is (or if there is one). We use 10,000 in our system
  2. This is not standardized, but has been discussed a little and needs to get formalized. Once we go back and rewrite the op specs for 551 I was thinking of proposing something. In our system we add a "more" tag into the grid meta, but not sure that is best design
  3. No. That sort of feature is extremely complex to implement correctly, so I would not personally want to go down that direction - rather layer it above the existing primitives somehow (maybe a new op)

Geoff Lambourne Wed 13 Feb

Thanks for reply.

  1. Is 10,000 also the maximum value of limit? If not is there a max limit?
  2. ok
  3. What are your thoughts on an "offset" query parameter being added to the read operation? This could work with the "limit" query parameter to allows stepping through large data sets. Like sql offset and limit. Results may change between calls if more equipment is being commissioned - but should be relatively stable normally.

Brian Frank Wed 13 Feb

There is no max limit unless system wants to impose one.

2 and 3 go together - I haven't given it much thought. But if you want to come up with a design and write a proposal would be nice to have people review it

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