#668 Bacnet Tags datasets

Maher N Thu 31 Jan

Dear Gents,

I would like to work on a transfer learning project between buildings in order to perform auto-tagging of points in a new site.

Does anyone know where I might find available datasets from random buildings, in English?

Thank you for your time.



Terry Herr Fri 1 Feb


Are you looking to develop an auto tagging tool for broad use across any BACnet systems?

We have many diverse data sets - close to 100 different buildings and every veryity

Terry Herr Fri 1 Feb

oops. hit the wrong key. We have data sets from many buildings / BAS systems. We would happy to coordinate effort in building an auto tagging tool.

Maher N Tue 5 Feb

That is good news indeed.

I am trying to work on auto-tagging, yes.

1 question: Do you also happen to have historical data for the points in those buildings?

How would you like me to proceed?

Should we switch to communicating in Linked in?

If so, please find me in this link: www.linkedin.com/in/maher-nadar

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Maher.

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