#665 Smart Campus/Intelligent Campus and Haystack?

Scott Wilson Thu 17 Jan

Hi folks,

I was wondering if anyone on the forum is using Haystack as part of a University's "Smart Campus" or "Intelligent Campus" project?

I'm working with a client at the moment that is looking to deliver analytics services for smart campuses, and we're keen to know if open standards and open source solutions are getting traction with universities in this space.


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John Petze Thu 17 Jan

I can confirm that Haystack is used extensively in educational facilities as part of their intelligent campus projects. This includes some of the largest university systems in the US, as well as universities around the world.

Any project of that type will require semantic modeling of data from diverse systems and sources and the Haystack standard has been adopted by many and in fact is often a specification requirement.

Perhaps members of the community that work at universities will offer their direct comments and experience. From my experience they are among the leaders in adopting open standards such as Haystack.

Stephen Frank Fri 18 Jan

Happened to see this this morning. We're using Haystack extensively at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (a research campus, though not a university campus). We have used both "vanilla" Haystack as well as extensions that we developed ourselves. Some of these extensions eventually made their way into the standard as contributions to some of the recent tagging efforts, e.g. for electrical meters.

You can read about some of our earlier work (dated by a few years now) in our paper "Creating an Energy Intelligent Campus: Data Integration Challenges and Solutions at a Large Research Campus" (first author Dylan Cutler) publicly available in the ACEEE 2016 Summer Study Proceedings.

Please also feel free to contact me directly at Stephen.Frank@nrel.gov if you would like to discuss the details. (Not too worried about spam; my email is already public on the web anyway.)

Scott Wilson Tue 22 Jan

Thanks both!

I'm going to be talking to a few university estates teams in the UK over the coming weeks about their intelligent campus projects, so Haystack is going to be one of the topics I'll be asking them about.

I'll have a read of the NREL paper - thanks Stephen!

If there are any other community members that have university-based projects, please do let me know! You can also contact me directly at scott@cetis.org.uk.

Our client is a national service provider in the UK HE sector, and they're generally keen to promote open standards, as it makes it much easier and more cost-effective to integrate services with on-campus systems.

Arthur dR Wed 6 Mar

Hi Scott.

We’ve been using Haystack's data model a lot at the University of British Columbia. We have more than 200 buildings on our campus controlled by 3 different BMS systems, all using different data models and naming conventions. Haystack has helped us a lot bringing some consistency in our data, which is necessary for powerful analysis. The power of IoT data is in its metadata.

But as Stephen mentioned, you will probably want to create your own updated version of it to cover the full complexity of HVAC Systems and the specificities or the facilities you will be working on.

Feel free to contact me for further information: arthur.derobert@ubc.ca

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