#662 Socket connection refused in N4.6

Les Harrop Sat 12 Jan

Hi Guys, I Keep getting a socket connection refused for haystack in Jace N4.6. Check via application director, shows connection refused when trying to setup socket. Using 2.1.2.

INFO [18:21:25 12-Jan-19 GMT][nhaystack] Begin cache rebuild. INFO [18:21:26 12-Jan-19 GMT][nhaystack] NHaystack Servlet enabled INFO [18:21:26 12-Jan-19 GMT][nhaystack] End initializing NHaystack

SEVERE [18:24:40 12-Jan-19 GMT][crypto] Could not create socket. Cause is: Connection refused SEVERE [18:29:40 12-Jan-19 GMT][crypto] Could not create socket. Cause is: Connection refused SEVERE [18:34:41 12-Jan-19 GMT][crypto] Could not create socket. Cause is: Connection refused

Any ideas.


peter lawes Fri 17 May

Did you get a reply to regarding this one?

Les Harrop Mon 20 May

Peter, No reply, sorted it myself after numerous days. Got it working in the end using N4.7, nHaystack 2.1.2 and the latest POD for Easystack (Finstack).

I get the feeling on this forum that either no one knows the answer or couldn't care less to help. This forum is definitely not the most helpful.

Eric Loew Mon 20 May


May I remind you that Project Haystack, and the nHaystack driver in particular, is a community effort powered by volunteers.


Les Harrop Tue 21 May

Eric, Oh that explains it. No one's getting paid so why reply/help? Strange kind of volunteering.

Why do you think no one replied? 2 reasons, 1- The above. 2- No one knows the answer. Which gives this forum a low technical level.

There's quiet a lot of questions that remain unanswered. #623 #690 #692 #696 I could go on and on. Most folk will stop participating in a forum they don't find useful or helpful.

Christian Tremblay Tue 21 May

This forum is about haystack itself. The tagging standard.

I think questions related to specific implementations like nhaystack should be made where they belong... as close as possible from their maintainers.

See : https://bitbucket.org/richiemac_77/nhaystack/issues?status=new&status=open

As a maintainer of pyhaystack (python client implementation) I will not answer very fast to any question posted here as Github is the main page of the project. And if I do, my preferred answer will often be : please open an issue on Github...

It is not about being paid or not... it is about giving free time to help people using a tool we could have kept for ourselves.

I invite you to read this : https://snarky.ca/setting-expectations-for-open-source-participation/ as it explains really well the reality of open source softwares.

I also kindly invite you to get involved. Every community needs technical contributors.

Richard McElhinney Tue 28 May

Hi Les,

I'm sorry you don't feel like the community offers value. As Eric and Christian have said, many of the projects here are maintained by those of us who have full time day jobs and do this work as a project we are interested in.

In terms of nhaystack, I've been very open with the community that I only consider myself a steward of the project and a focal point to keep things moving. I'm always looking for community contributions.

As Christian has, I also invite you to participate in the nhaystack project. There are numerous ways to contribute, it doesn't necessarily have to be code.

I'm looking for Beta testers for the latest version, documentation needs updating and generally it would be handy to have a resource here on the forum (apart from me) who could also answer questions.

Being involved is a great way to learn the software as well as give back to the community.

Also, for issues with nhaystack it would be better to file bugs on the BitBucket page here. This way I can track much more easily the status of individual issues.

I'm glad to hear your issue was resolved by upgrading Niagara.

Rav Panchalingam Tue 28 May

gets free software - complains about support (y)

david blanch Tue 28 May

I have a haystack issue....upgrades Niagara and EasyStack


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