#656 schedule tag usage in haystack

Shilpa Basappa Tue 4 Dec 2018


We are new to using haystack. As the process of integration of haystack tags is progressing in our project , had a concern about how we can store schedules for a equip or a point. I was unable to find a sample specifying the schedule tag.

We use schedules that is applied and set for the whole week. Are there any examples of how this is done.

Help with this is appreciated.

Thanks, Shilpa

Brian Frank Tue 4 Dec 2018

Haystack does not currently define any model for the scheduling itself. However you should model a schedule as a normal tagged point with the sp tag. And we recommend trending/logging the schedule so it can read as a normal historized point via hisRead.

Shilpa Basappa Tue 4 Dec 2018

Thanks Brian for replying.

But if i have different SP for different days and I have whole weeks schedule to be associated with a equip, how can i store this and then use this as scheduleref from other equips and points?

Cory Mosiman Tue 7 May 2019

Hello Shilpa,

Any updates to this? Running across the same questions in a project.

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