#652 GraphQL for ops

Sivamurugan S Wed 14 Nov

Project Haystack Rest API supporting predefined ops/filters may be implemented with GraphQL?. I feel its best fit for Haystack data model and has other benefits too. Any thoughts on this?

Brian Frank Wed 14 Nov

I think it would probably more make sense to expose a Haystack server as GraphQL in parallel to the REST API - they are really different beasts. But might be interesting to try and standardize how GraphQL might be used with Haystack data. But not sure how the type systems would combine - some of the stuff we are doing in WG 551 might be used to generate your GraphQL schema.

Patrick Coffey Thu 15 Nov

We've implemented a static GraphQL schema and I found it to complement the REST API. We essentially wrapped read and hisRead ops and found it to be quite useful/powerful in some cases while improving on client over-fetching/under-fetching. We also built support for recursive filtering which has been handy. We don't yet see a need to implement mutations or subscriptions in place of hisWrite, watchSub etc.

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