#642 Connecting MySQL with Haystack

Alex Buiss Mon 1 Oct 2018


I am a brand new member on this fabulous forum. I have created a MySQL DB to collect datas from buildings (with Node-Red). I would like to connect Haystack to my database. How can I do ?

Brian Frank Tue 2 Oct 2018

If you want to let people read your data via Haystack, then you would create a Haystack server that fronts your RDBMS. Depending on what kind of data you are storing in the RDBMS, you might implement a few ops like "read" and "hisRead" to let clients access your data. Or even more simple maybe just create a script to dump your database to one of the Haystack formats such as JSON.

Alex Buiss Tue 2 Oct 2018

OK, thank you. I have cretad a json file with Node-Red. I need this file to be readen by Haystack now.

Alex Bible Wed 3 Oct 2018

Check out this project for some reference material on Haystack:


Alex Buiss Thu 4 Oct 2018

Thank you. I have setup this project in my server. I can read sites and points with this kind of url :

But, I don't know how to integrate haystack tags and values of my points.

I use mosquitto broker and Node-Red. My datas are sent to MySQL.

In these settings, I don't how to implemente Haystack.

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